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Duane Phillips Architecture & Masterplanning


Location: Kingdom of Kuwait
Type: New National Zoning Code (form-based)
Year: 2014-Present
Status: Ongoing
Size: 1,800,000 Hectares
Planning: as DPZ-Europe,
DPZ, DAR Group

The Emirate of Kuwait has commissioned the internationally know firm DAR Al-Handasah to prepare a comprehensive zoning code for the entire country. DPZ/Duane Phillips acted as specialist coding sub-consultants to DAR for the purpose of developing the new Kuwait code based on the principles of SmartGrowth. This new Kuwait Code covers the development of the country at all four scales of planning: national, regional (new towns), district and local levels (Metropolitan Kuwait).

A major aspect of the project was the consolidation and analysis of all the planning, development, and economic studies that had been compiled during the previous years and to synthesise them into a comprehensive masterplan for the development of the country for the next 30 years. This masterplan indicates where and what type of development shall take place, taking into account economic, transportation, ecological, demographic, and military defence aspects amongst others. In addition, individual standards manuals were prepared for various types of infrastructure and development (education, health care, civic facilities, coastal facilities, infrastructure, transportation, commercial and retail development, residential development, etc.) which were integrated into the masterplan and Code.

The legal framework for the implementation of the project as well as administrative procedure have also been studied and prepared with all data being GIS based and accessible on-line. The Code will thus enable the planning, administration and development of Kuwait to be carried out in a streamlined, efficient, user-friendly, and transparent manner.

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